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Welcome to my marketing blog. Here is where you'll find everything from daily musings to blog posts I have written for previous jobs.

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How I Learned Email Marketing the Hard Way

Brandon Burkman

It’s almost Shakespearean. A cautionary tale of a young, impressionable man who finds himself in a new environment where his work is recognized. All appears to be looking up, when his world is turned upside down, and his downfall is rapid. This is the story of my first job in email marketing, and how I both fell in love with an industry, and learned how harsh it can truly be. What you are about to read is one hundred percent true

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12 New Rules for Getting Hired

Brandon Burkman

I am what people like to call a "millennial." Whatever connotation comes with that, I really don't care. Some media articles lump all people of this generation into one group. Not ALL their sweeping generalizations are wrong. We millennials do tend to care more about the environment, social justice, and the overall well-being of humankind. One thing we're stuck with: crappy job prospects.

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