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During my time at Bridgeway Software, I had the opportunity to edit--and even appear in some short videos for the company. Watch the videos and let me know what you think!

Bridgeway Software Employee Testimonials

During the 2014 annual user conference, we had the opportunity to film a few employee interviews and get an organizational cross-section of peoples' opinions on what it's like to work for Bridgeway. My primary duties for this video were in post production; uploading, editing and enhancing the video, then embedding the Vimeo code into the company website.


Bridgeway Software Government Overview

Before our 2014 user conference, we successfully launched a completely redesigned website for Bridgeway Software. In an effort to create more visual content for the site, we interviewed Tom Mavis, former head of sales for the company's government division. In this short interview, Tom explains what Bridgeway can do for all government entities, from federal offices to smaller municipalities


Bridgeway Software LDO Profile - Diana Sheley

In the fall of 2014, we in the Bridgeway marketing department wanted to shift focus on our website from text to graphics and video. In those efforts, we filmed short intro videos for our outside sales representatives. In this video, Diana Sheley goes speaks to who she is and what she does to help Bridgeway Software clients become high performing legal departments.


Bridgeway Software LDO Profile - Ed Manning


Bridgeway Software LDO Profile - Kathy Harrison